Back in October 2014, when I visited Palo Altos, I was riding on my friend’s Tesla Model S. That’s my first interaction with Tesla, since then I have developed an heavy interest on the car. I eventually bought a 2015 MS 85 and the car was delivered to me on May 2015. I love my car and I started referring the cars to all my friends and families. I have successfully referred more than 300 people to buy this awesome cars. Thanks to all my friends, I won the Tesla referral program 1.0 in Asia Pacific Region and took delivery of my second Model S on March 2017. My family also bought a Founder Series MX and the car was delivered on Jan 2017.

Tesla is not just a car brand or a energy company to me. Thanks to Tesla, I know about many Tesla owners and some of them become my very good friends. I want to offer the best Tesla accessories to all of my Tesla owner friends, and therefore I started this site. Thank you for all the Tesla owners who support me. Without all of your support, I won’t be able to start this site.

Raymond Wu – Founder of