Model 3 Electric Frunk


Mark 4.0 provide additional checking (landing check) to make sure the hood is caught before latching.
Currently we have no planning on MARK 4.0 kit for Pre-Facelift Model 3 (Model Year 2018-2020).

Our system is completely reversible and DO NOT require any drilling.

Mark 3.0/4.0 kits now equips with the all new WATERPROOF design!

This electric liftgate system opens and closes your frunk (front trunk) by simply pressing a button. It can support:

  • Open and Close the frunk using official Tesla App
  • Open and Close the frunk using the key fob (if you purchased a Model 3 key fob)
  • Close the frunk with the OEM emergency button
  • Open the frunk with the center console touch screen
  • Close the frunk with the center console touch screen (TWO METHODS, SEE BELOW)

There are 2 ways that you can close the frunk on the touch screen:

  1. Homelink closing: You will need to purchase the homelink module from us and pair it using the remote. You will need to close the frunk by tapping the homelink button. (CAUTION: only applicable to cars with Homelink option built-in)
  2. Frunk button closing: You can directly tap the frunk “open” button to open and close the frunk. However, signal injection to the car is needed (trick the car to think that the frunk is halfly opened). Some owners may have a concern on modifying the car signal. (You don’t need to purchase the homelink module if you want to go with this method)

This smart aftermarket lift gate provides additional value to your vehicle. Installation is designed for do-it-yourself. This reliable system will out perform a hydraulic system without all the complicated plumbing and upkeep.

Installation Manual: Click Here (v2) | Click Here (Mark 3.0) | Click Here (MARK 4.0)

Installation Video: Click Here (v2) | Click Here (Mark 3.0/Mark 4.0)

Touch Screen Closing (Method 2) Upgrade for previous v2 orders: Click Here

This product comes with 2 years warranty.

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