Model 3 Electric Frunk



Please contact support before you place an order if your car is delivered after July 2021.


Mark 4.0 provide additional checking (landing check) to make sure the hood is caught before latching.

Mark 3.0+ kits now equip with the all new WATERPROOF design!

This electric liftgate system opens and closes your frunk (front trunk) by simply pressing a button. It can support:

  • Open and Close the frunk using official Tesla App
  • Open and Close the frunk using the key fob (if you purchased a Model 3 key fob)
  • Close the frunk with the OEM emergency button
  • Open and Close the frunk with the center console touch screen

This smart aftermarket lift gate provides additional value to your vehicle. Installation is designed for do-it-yourself. This reliable system will out perform a hydraulic system without all the complicated plumbing and upkeep.

Installation Manual: Click Here (v2) | Click Here (Mark 3.0) | Click Here (MARK 4.0)

Installation Video: Click Here (v2) | Click Here (Mark 3.0/Mark 4.0)

Touch Screen Closing (Method 2) Upgrade for previous v2 orders: Click Here

This product comes with 2 years warranty.

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