Model 3 SR+ Speaker Activation


With this wire harness, you can activate up to 6 inactive speakers on SR+ (6 in pre-March 2020 build and 4 in post-March 2020 build) cars.

The work is done by connecting the front dash speakers parallel with the tweeter and A-pillar speakers to feed the signal for the speakers, and connecting the rear door speakers in parallel with the rear shelf speakers.


If your car is built post-March 2020, you can choose the option to add the 2 rear speakers (it will come with 2 OEM used speakers for you to add it back to the rear shelf).
If your car is built post-October 2020 (Model Year 2021), you will need to tap 2 wires to enable the front right tweeter (the plug-and-play connector is removed). Contact our Tech Support for more details before you purchase.

What is “Subwoofer Output”?
It requires you to purchase your own amplifier and subwoofer. The option only provide 2 extra wires with signals that come from the front left door woofer. Please contact Tech Support if you would like to make a purchase.

LHD Countries: United States, Canada, South Korea, Germany, France, etc.
RHD Countries: United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, etc.

Installation Video: Click Here

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