Model S/X Antibacterial HEPA Air Filter


Worrying about the intake air quality? Protect your health now!
Enjoy the medical grade air quality by installing our Antibacterial HEPA Air Filter!

For customers who have Bioweapon Defense Mode:
Simply replace the OEM HEPA filter with our Antibacterial HEPA Air Filter

For customers who do not have Bioweapon Defense Mode:
You can also purchase our Antibacterial HEPA Air Filter and install them yourself!

Our Antibacterial HEPA Filter contains 3 layers:

  1. Activated Charcoal Layer – deodorizing the cabin
  2. HEPA 13 Layer – filtering 99.97% 0.3um particles
  3. Antibacterial Layer – destroying bacteria structure and removing VOCs

Lifetime: 12k miles / 20k kilometers / 1 year

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