Model 3/Y Tailgate Foot Activation


This Tailgate Foot Activation kit is specially designed for Tesla Model 3 (Model Year 2021, build 2020/10 or after with OEM Electric Tailgate) and Model Y.

The kit come with two safety options: Basic and Extra

The Basic option would include basic foot activated opening and closing feature. The car had an OEM protection that protect the sensor from being activated during driving (speed > 0). However, your foot sensor has the risk of being activated under the following circumstances:
1. During back up parking and the sensor senses a curb when the car stop.
2. During car wash when the phone key is still presented.

The extra safety feature include two extra feature that prevent the foot sensor from activated in unnecessary situations.
The foot sensor will be deactivated when the car is in non-P mode (prevent scenario 1), or when the car’s emergency flash light is turned on (for car wash purpose, prevent scenario 2).

This is a DIY kit and requires no wire tapping or splicing. It is 100% plug and play.

Installation time: 20 minutes to 60 minutes.

Installation Manual: Coming Soon
Installation Video: Click Here

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